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Road Traffic Accidents Claims

It is honestly surprising how many road traffic accidents take place on UK roads today; if you are seeking compensation after a collision then give our claims management company a call. At Road Injury Experts we are experts at managing and overlooking every stage of the claims process and we use a leading panel of lawyers who are able to tackle the majority of cases, large or small.

Claimant J was an unfortunate passenger in a vehicle which was involved in a road traffic incident in November so they decided to come to Road Injury Experts to seek compensation.

Claimant J was in a vehicle which was proceeding along a road when a third party vehicle travelling in the opposite direction overtook a parked vehicle and collided with Claimant Js’ vehicle. Thanks to the dedicated and highly skilled team at Road Injury Experts Claimant J received a grand total of £2135.24 in compensation for their accident in November.

Road traffic accidents occur on a daily basis in the UK and our claims management company are here for those who seek compensation for injuries which occurred during an accident. Road Injury Experts work with what we think is the best compensation solicitors firm in the market and we will select a lawyer from their team who we think is best suited to your case. One of our team will be able to talk your through the process of making a claim and we would set up a consultation where we would discuss your accident and injuries suffered in this accident in detail. Once the claims process has begun we will update you on a regular basis as to how it is progressing and should you have any questions we are always here to help.

How do I know if my injuries and the accident I was involved in will make me eligible to make a compensation claim?

This is an answer which is not as simple as ‘yes you are eligible’ or ‘no you are not’. As every case we take on is unique and individual it is hard to say whether you will be however as a universal rule if you would answer ‘yes’ to the next 3 questions then the chances are we will be able to receive compensation for you. If you want a definite answer then give one of our highly trained members of staff a call however the 3 questions are below:

• The road related accident or collision took place in the UK in the last 3 years?

• Medical treatment of some sort was provided to you for the injuries suffered?

• You were not the person to blame for the incident and it was through no fault of your own?

The majority of road traffic accidents where victims suffer personal injury go down the claims process; if you are looking for a company that can not only provide you with expert lawyers but can also manage the whole claim process then call our team today on: 0844 371 3330

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